BOROUGH COURT is a listed property and one of the oldest houses in Hampshire with records going back as far as 1333. At one time it was believed to be a monastic property. It is surrounded by approximately 90 acres of grazing pasture and woodland.

Only four families have lived here since 1480 so the house celebrated its 500th birthday in 1980. The core of the house is a medieval five bay timber framed house, which has been added to since, exampling a range of different periods. The high chimneys are late Elizabethan and were added soon after 1561 when the house was enlarged and then sold on by John Dale to John Fielder and his wife Alice Fielder. You can see engraved on the chinese bedroom fireplace the initials AF/JF. It is believed John Fielder added the chimneys, either by removing them from one property brick by brick and having them put back exactly the same way at Borough Court, or having exact replicas made, as they are not typical of the area and are very ornate. He was a wealthy man who it was thought added the chimneys as he wanted to make the house grander looking.

In 1699 John Fielder’s grandson sold Borough Court to Michael Tylney of Rotherwick; and then in 1870 Tylney Hall Estate which included Borough Court was bought by Charles Harris St John. In 1919 Borough Court was left to Major Wilfred Harris St John (Charles’s son) and in 1930 the house became the sole property of his wife Hilda Harris St John who lived there with their daughter Vera St John.

In 1987 Vera died leaving the property to her cousin Michael Bullen and his wife Sally. Michael is the son of Anne Bullen (nee St John) and great nephew of Wilfred Harris St John. The Bullen family are descendants of Anne Boleyn (King Henry VIII’s second wife).

On a more recent note Michael’s mother Anne Bullen was a prominent artist of her time and there are many examples of her work around the house. Michael himself was an Olympic event rider, representing Great Britain five times, during which time The Princess Royal was also in the team. They became friends and she has been to Borough Court many times, having dinner in the wonderful dining room which contains one of the fireplaces below the enormous chimneys. Guest breakfast is served in this dining room every morning.

Michael had three children Lucinda, Edward and Henry and the house is now owned and lived in by his eldest son Edward, and his wife Sophie. They have five children.